HRH Global Resource Center Launches Health Worker Policy Advocacy Collection

The HRH Global Resource Center (GRC) has launched its policy advocacy collection on health workforce issues. This important and often under-recognized area is a key component of addressing the health workforce crisis. The following new resources support policy advocacy work:

  • A new interview series, as part of the GRC’s HRH Leaders in Action Interviews, focuses on policy advocacy—the first interview, HRH Policy Advocacy Leaders in Action Interview with Mary Beth Powers, is now available. Powers has worked in global health for more than 20 years and currently leads Save the Children’s newborn and child survival campaign. She shares her insights on policy advocacy work in the human resources for health field, how she’s raising awareness about the global shortage of health workers, and channels to communicate effectively with policy decision-makers.

The HRH Global Resource Center is CapacityPlus’s digital library of human resources for health information. It currently has 3,032 resources. We encourage you to explore the new policy advocacy resources and to contact us with questions and suggestions.

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