Focusing on HR Management to Support Health Workers

In Africa, an estimated 30% to 70% of the health infrastructure is owned by faith-based organizations (FBOs), according to the World Health Organization. The Africa Christian Health Associations Platform (ACHAP) facilitates communication and advocacy among FBOs that are part of the Christian Health Association network.

Voices 5The latest edition of CapacityPlus Voices, “Faith-based organizations: Using HR management to support health workers,” highlights the role of human resources management for FBOs in the health sector. Dr. Samuel Mwenda, ACHAP chairman and Christian Health Association of Kenya general secretary, and Doris Mwarey, ACHAP’s regional HR specialist, share their views and explain how countries are learning from each other. “Effective HR management is critical to ensure that FBO facilities have adequate numbers of motivated and skilled health workers in each location,” says Mwarey.

Last month’s CapacityPlus Voices, "Implementing health workforce plans together," focused on the importance of stakeholder leadership groups for strengthening the health workforce.

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