Gender Discrimination and Health Workforce Development: An Advocacy Tool

How to Use this Tool

This tool can be used to guide ministries of education, deans, administrators, managers, and other users to implement policy, program, and advocacy interventions to counter gender discrimination at health professional education institutions for improved health workforce development. It is recommended that users navigate the site by following the topics on the top menu bar:

UNDERSTAND the effects of gender discrimination

First, understand how gender discrimination is defined and what forms it may take. Read about health professional students’ and faculty members’ experiences with gender discrimination and gender inequalities in health professional education systems. Find out how different forms of discrimination have negatively affected health professional students and faculty through specific country examples and sex-disaggregated data analyses.

Consider interventions for ACTion

On the Act pages, learn about specific interventions and “basic bundles” (combinations) of interventions that are recommended to promote gender equality and equal opportunity and/or to counter specific forms of gender discrimination.

Develop strategies to ADVOCATE for gender equality and equal opportunity

On the Advocate page, find out the steps to take and tips to remember to launch or strengthen advocacy efforts and promote equal opportunity, nondiscrimination, and gender equality in health professional education systems.

Access RESOURCES to learn more about gender discrimination and the health workforce

The Resources page lists key research, organizations and initiatives, eLearning courses, and resource libraries on gender, health professional education, health workforce, and health systems.