Workforce Effectiveness

Workforce Effectiveness

While half of the world’s population lives in rural areas, they are served by less than a quarter of doctors and only 38% of nurses. To make the most of the service delivery contribution provided by existing health workers and to achieve progress on the Millennium Development Goals, strong systems need to be developed to ensure quality health services through high levels of productivity and performance.

Country stakeholders and human resources for health (HRH) practitioners require proven and accessible tools and methodologies and a broad evidence base of strategies. CapacityPlus is developing a comprehensive catalog of strategies and interventions to improve health worker retention and productivity. This will provide countries with options to increase motivation, attraction, retention, productivity, and performance that can be tailored to their specific context. CapacityPlus is also conducting an analysis of community health worker productivity and performance and exploring mHealth applications to support worker performance.

Types of Technical Assistance

  • Providing tools for HR managers to seek input on health worker attraction and retention in rural areas to inform policy decision-making around retention strategies
  • Assessing the cost and effectiveness of retention interventions
  • Generating evidence to inform decision-making on wage policies to ensure gender equity and contribute to health worker retention
  • Building the capacity of regional and national organizations in relevant HRH topics
  • Supporting the design and development of appropriate mHealth applications to support health worker performance and productivity
  • Identifying barriers to effective HR management related to gender discrimination
  • Improving the productivity and performance of community health workers
  • Developing strategies for work climate improvement for increased health worker productivity and better quality of care
  • Assessing the influence of hospital HR management practices on health worker productivity and time and skills utilization

Tools and Resources

In development:

  • Rapid assessment toolkit for health worker attraction and retention in rural areas (see overview)
  • Global e-learning course on the Rapid Retention Survey Toolkit
  • iHRIS Retain, retention intervention costing tool (see overview)
  • HRH compensation study in Uganda
  • Retention Roadmap
  • Productivity diagnostic framework
  • Community health worker productivity model
  • Technical brief on occupational safety and health for improved workforce productivity

Current Partners in This Area
Global Health Workforce Alliance, World Health Organization HRH Department, International Council of Nurses, International Hospital Federation, World Bank, Health Systems 20/20

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