Policy and Planning

Policy and Planning

Effective human resources policy, planning, and management are crucial for guiding and sustaining country-led action and progress on human resources for health (HRH), by ensuring that realistic and evidence-based HRH strategies are developed, resourced and implemented—and that they are anchored by a policy framework that integrates HRH within the national development agenda, health strategy and related policy, legislation, and regulation. HRH interventions and systems require careful design and integration across a broad range of key areas, encompassing strategic and workforce planning, financing, production, recruitment, deployment, service utilization, retention, productivity and performance, and personnel administration.

Additionally, there is a need for skilled leadership, partnerships, and key staff to oversee, develop, coordinate, implement, and sustain these functions. CapacityPlus works with partners to strengthen human resources policy, planning, and management capabilities and information systems. The project advocates and applies a range of approaches, tools, and systems that can support and strengthen health workforce policy, planning, and management. Primary objectives are to integrate context-relevant best practices in health workforce policy and planning, improve national capacity for effective human resources management, and develop and apply comprehensive supporting workforce surveillance and HRH monitoring and evaluation systems that can move forward and sustain progress on HRH.

Tools and Resources

Partners in this Area
Global Health Workforce Alliance, World Health Organization, Africa Christian Health Associations Platform, West African Health Organization