Increasing Access to Care by Asking Health Workers What They Want

In Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR), health workers are concentrated in cities while more than 80 percent of the population lives in rural areas. As in many countries, attracting health workers to rural posts—and retaining them—is a challenge. Read more »

HRH Global Resource Center August Update

This monthly update from the HRH Global Resource Center provides information on the latest resources, improvements, and news from this digital library devoted to human resources for health (HRH). Read more »

Dominican Republic Advances Work to Strengthen Management of Health Workers

Improving how health workers are managed is key to strengthening the services they deliver. In the Dominican Republic, CapacityPlus is helping the Ministry of Health refine the human resources management (HRM) systems needed to create an enabling environment for the health workforce to perform effectively. Read more »

HRH Global Resource Center Launches eLearning Program

On August 2, the HRH Global Resource Center officially launched its eLearning program at an online event hosted in Chapel Hill, NC, and highlighted the program’s first eLearning course, iHRIS Administrator: Level 1. Read more »

Using Open Source Health Applications to Strengthen the Health System

“No single software can serve all the needs of everyone in the health sector,” says Dr. Alvin Marcelo, associate professor of surgery and medical informatics at the University of the Philippines Manila. He’s working on a plan to use a set of free, open source applications to produce aggregated information that can help health-sector leaders address gaps and take steps to improve health outcomes. Read more »

Strengthening Zimbabwe’s Social Services Workforce to Help Orphans and Vulnerable Children

While HIV prevalence in Zimbabwe has declined, there remains an estimated 1.6 million children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS, according to the National Action Plan for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) 2011-2015. Their resulting needs are not fully met by the country’s limited workforce for child welfare and protection. Read more »

New Article Highlights Need to Address Gender Discrimination in Health Workplaces

Incidences of workplace violence in Rwandan health facilities are influenced by gender inequality, concludes a study published this month by IntraHealth International’s Constance Newman in the journal Human Resources for Health. Read more »

Partnering to Strengthen Community Health Worker Programs

CapacityPlus and the HRH Global Resource Center have partnered with CHW Central, a new online forum that facilitates sharing information about community health worker (CHW) programming, policy, and evaluation. CHW Central fosters discussions, connects users to experts, hosts virtual learning sessions, and provides updates on the latest developments as well as a variety of materials, tools, and guidance on CHW programming. Read more »

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