New Article Highlights Need to Address Gender Discrimination in Health Workplaces

Incidences of workplace violence in Rwandan health facilities are influenced by gender inequality, concludes a study published this month by IntraHealth International’s Constance Newman in the journal Human Resources for Health. Read more »

Partnering to Strengthen Community Health Worker Programs

CapacityPlus and the HRH Global Resource Center have partnered with CHW Central, a new online forum that facilitates sharing information about community health worker (CHW) programming, policy, and evaluation. CHW Central fosters discussions, connects users to experts, hosts virtual learning sessions, and provides updates on the latest developments as well as a variety of materials, tools, and guidance on CHW programming. Read more »

New Article Provides Guidance for Putting Health Workforce Tools into Action

CapacityPlus’s James McCaffery published an article in a special issue of a Peruvian medical journal focused on human resources for health (HRH). Overcoming the hurdle of implementation: Putting human resources for health tools into action appears in volume 28 of Revista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Pública. Read more »

CapacityPlus Contributes to WHO Meeting on Health Workforce Observatories

CapacityPlus’s James McCaffery represented the project’s work with human resources for health (HRH) stakeholder leadership groups at the World Health Organization’s Global Meeting of HRH Observatories, held in Lisbon, Portugal from July 4-7. Read more »

Webinar Fosters Knowledge-Sharing to Strengthen the Social Services Workforce

More than 75 participants from 15 countries participated in a webinar on July 14 to explore how lessons learned from the global effort to strengthen human resources for health (HRH) can benefit social services workforce development. Read more »

CapacityPlus Contributes to eHealth Workshop in Ethiopia

From June 13-16, CapacityPlus’s Dykki Settle participated in the Ethiopian eHealth Standards and Interoperability Workshop in Addis Ababa at the invitation of the World Health Organization. The workshop was hosted by the Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia and the WHO.
Read more »

HRH Global Resource Center Joins New Partnership to Expand Health Workforce Knowledge

The HRH Global Resource Center has signed a formal partnership agreement with the University of New South Wales’ HRH Knowledge Hub. The intent of this partnership is to work collaboratively to share information and resources and to provide access to valuable human resource for health (HRH) materials without duplicating efforts. Read more »

New Resource Spotlight: Interview with Sara Pacqué-Margolis on the HRH Indicator Compendium

One of the challenges in health systems strengthening is measuring and evaluating the work. “You value what you measure, and measure what you value,” says Sara Pacqué-Margolis, coauthor of a new CapacityPlus resource. “You don’t pay attention to activities that you don’t monitor.” Read more »

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