Global Leadership

Global Leadership

Over the last several years the global community has become more aware and active in addressing the human resources for health (HRH) crisis. The Capacity Project (2005-2009) provided technical leadership and advocacy to grow the global HRH movement that is so vital to improving accessibility and quality of health service delivery. CapacityPlus is now working to extend these strong partnerships, identify new ones, and provide leadership for addressing HRH issues at all levels—global, regional, and national.

CapacityPlus provides global leadership and advocacy that fosters action to address the HRH crisis. This includes contributing expertise and coordination to groups that are propelling global, regional, and country-level HRH efforts; enlisting people and organizations to join this movement for change; advancing the evidence base and making it possible for others to make use of those advances; and helping others to take on these leadership functions.

Principal objectives of the project in global leadership include firmly establishing HRH issues and initiatives on the global and national health agendas and facilitating use of a contextually adaptable model that enables country-level stakeholder leadership groups to be a powerful force in advocating for and supporting HRH action and achieving practical outcomes.

Types of Technical Assistance

  • Collaborating and playing a leadership role in global working groups to create HRH frameworks, guidelines, tools, and dissemination strategies
  • Facilitating a global expert group to strengthen and advocate for increased emphasis on HR management
  • Enhancing the capacity of regional partners in HRH leadership and advocacy activities and in dissemination of HRH tools to constituent groups
  • Fostering application and effective use of the HRH Action Framework as the most comprehensive source of tools, guidelines, and resources for HRH professionals
  • Supporting the formation and sustainability of national HRH stakeholder leadership groups
  • Assisting the Global Health Workforce Alliance’s efforts to strengthen country-level capacity to implement HRH plans.

Tools and Resources

In development:

  • Partnership Building: Practical Tools

Current Partners in This Area
Global Health Workforce Alliance, World Health Organization (WHO) HRH and HSS Offices, WHO Regional Offices, Africa Platform on Human Resources for Health, African Health Management and Leadership Network, Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative, Africa Christian Health Associations Platform, Positive Practices Environment

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