Global Leadership

Global Leadership

CapacityPlus is a strong advocate and global leader for human resources for health (HRH) systems strengthening for improved family planning/reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and other essential health services through its 1) thought leadership in developing and disseminating specialized tools and resources with wide applicability for HRH practitioners at global, regional, multicountry, and national levels; and 2) strong collaboration with global alliances and multilateral organizations to provide leadership and advocacy that fosters action to address the HRH crisis.

CapacityPlus contributes technical expertise and coordination to a range of global partnerships and technical working groups that are propelling global, regional, and country-level HRH efforts. Through its participation in these groups, the project is advancing the evidence base and making it possible for others to make use of those advances.

CapacityPlus fosters country ownership of HRH initiatives by building the capacity of stakeholder leadership groups in select countries to develop policy, set priorities, and plan and monitor implementation of activities.

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Partners in This Area
Global Health Workforce Alliance, World Health Organization (WHO) HRH and HSS Offices, WHO Regional Offices, Africa Platform on Human Resources for Health, African Health Management and Leadership Network, Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative, Africa Christian Health Associations Platform, Positive Practices Environment