Evaluation and Knowledge-Sharing

Evaluation and Knowledge-Sharing

CapacityPlus’s activities in monitoring, evaluation, and research are designed to contribute to the global human resources for health (HRH) evidence base in assessing interventions’ impact and effectiveness, to document lessons learned, to improve metrics in HRH, and to ensure that a strong system is in place to monitor project activities and results in the context of the established performance monitoring plan. The project prioritizes building stakeholders’ capacity to sustainably monitor and evaluate HRH in countries and globally, as well as advancing innovations in HRH measurement and research.

CapacityPlus has developed a number of tools and resources to build capacity in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of HRH. The HRH Indicator Compendium has educated 1,300 users to date on a range of indicators for use in evaluating progress and results on HRH-related activities and initiatives. Nearly 1,200 users have taken the eLearning course on M&E. The project is also designing an instrument to gather much-needed data through an HRH Effort Index, similar to those for family planning, HIV/AIDS, and maternal and child health.

The project’s HRH Global Resource Center offers the largest collection of open access HRH resources and user base of all existing HRH digital libraries and knowledge hubs. Feedback from users indicates there is a significant demand for access to these resources by researchers, government ministry officials, development workers, and district-level health workers. The HRH Global Resource Center serves users from nearly 200 countries and has an excellent worldwide reputation among HRH stakeholders and users at all levels of the health sector. Its eLearning platform has enjoyed remarkable success in the number of registered learners for its courses designed to address HRH skills gaps. The HRH Global Resource Center plays a key role in the knowledge management strategy for the project by providing open access to quality, curated HRH resources for evidence-based decision-making on policy, strategic planning, and service delivery approaches.

CapacityPlus’s communications strategy emphasizes engaging formats and events designed to reach targeted audiences with the project’s legacy messages and results; ongoing dissemination to promote use of the project’s tools and resources; and systematic sharing of project news and stories. The strategy is designed to demonstrate the project’s technical leadership and excellence in HRH, promote ongoing progress in the project’s areas of most significant contributions, foster sustainability of the project’s work, encourage ownership of the work at the ministry/government levels, and influence the unfinished agenda in HRH.

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