Education and Training

Education and Training

CapacityPlus works to accelerate and improve the supply of quality health workers by strengthening preservice education and helping countries develop strategic approaches to in-service training and continuing professional development that meet health workers’ needs.

Among other activities, CapacityPlus's HRH Workforce Development team leads a large initiative to scale up health worker production via improved management efficiency of health professional schools and expanded funding for preservice education via innovative financing. In collaboration with the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the Global Health Workforce Alliance, PEPFAR, and others, CapacityPlus offers technical assistance services to governments and ministries of health seeking sustainable solutions to country-level problems.

Types of Technical Assistance

  • Improving the management efficiency of health professional schools so they can produce more high-quality health workers
  • Identifying the most strategic investment opportunities for ministries of health and health professional schools to scale up production of high-quality health workers to meet local health needs
  • Assisting to identify innovative sources of funding for health professional schools
  • Helping schools to identify and remove their bottlenecks to producing more students
  • Assisting health professional schools in setting targets and implementation plans for increased production of high-quality graduates
  • Integrating health professional schools into the health system and the communities they serve
  • Providing a variety of assessments and assistance for health professional schools, including:
    • Improved faculty development and retention
    • Curricula assessment and development
  • Maximizing the impact a country’s health Diaspora can have on health in their home country, including sustainable models of international recruitment and cycled migration
  • Developing and delivering demand-driven, high-quality Internet and mobile phone-based in-service training that meets the real needs of health workers
  • Providing other technical assistance to design, deliver, or improve in-service training or continuing professional development.

Tools and Resources

In development:

  • School management restructuring tools
  • Faith-based organizations and best buys approach to scaling up preservice education
  • Eliminating women’s barriers to preservice education
  • Establishing health informatics preservice education programs
  • Demand-driven in-service training planning and implementation guidelines
  • Strengthening continuing professional development for health workers

Current Partners in This Area
Global Health Workforce Alliance, International Finance Corporation/World Bank, World Health Organization HRH Department, PEPFAR, Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), International Council of Nurses (ICN), Training for Health Equity Network (THEnet)

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