At the Source of Health Care, Health Workers

This post was originally published on VITAL, the blog of IntraHealth International.

Malik JafferMalik Jaffer is the deputy director of human resources for health and health systems strengthening for the IntraHealth International-led CapacityPlus project. I recently interviewed him about health worker heroes and what it’ll take to make more of them.

You’ve met a lot of amazing health workers over the past 20 years. Any who really inspired you?
Absolutely. For example, there’s a team of health workers in Soweto, South Africa, that work in a hospice. When I visited, the facility was full of men and women and a lot of children. I remember one baby that was suffering from AIDS. She looked about three months old and weighed only 10 or 12 pounds. She was tiny. But I came to find out she was a year old. Read more »

Taking the E out of PEPFAR: Commemorating World AIDS Day 2013

Amanda PuckettPEPFAR. To me, these six letters symbolize one of the most significant global health commitments in history. The US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the largest response by one country to a single health epidemic. Over the past eight years at IntraHealth International, I have supported a range of PEPFAR-funded country programs that have led to improving the lives of millions. And I have observed the United States’ cornerstone HIV/AIDS global development program transform from an emergency response to one that encompasses proven prevention and treatment programs, harnesses technology and innovation, and supports ownership at the country level. So as we commemorate World AIDS Day, I want to reflect on the progress we’ve made and contemplate that “E” in PEPFAR. Read more »

Let’s Talk Tactics

This post was originally published on VITAL, the blog of IntraHealth International.

Ok PannenborgEver since the first two global gatherings in Kampala in 2008 and Bangkok in 2011, human resources for health—or HRH, as this field has come to be known—has matured into one of the world’s biggest development bastions still to be conquered.

I had the good fortune to attend the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in sunny Recife, Brazil, last week and moderate a couple of sessions and events. Whenever I join thousands of participants at such global conferences, I look back and wonder: Did I learn something? Was it worth the time and effort? And now what? Read more »

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